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The same thing that drives a chemical reaction drives big business...

On an atomic level, chemical bonds form because the end product is more stable (in terms of energy) than the original elements - the electrons orbiting in a full valance shell.

On a business level, relationships form because the end result is more profit for the companies involved - creating greater business stability.

It’s the Chemistry of Business.

MyBiz has a proven track record in implementing BusinessRelationshipNetwork™ solutions to many successful organisations, in fact in Malaysia, our clients are either the Leader or one of the the top 3 companies in their industry.



The Chemistry of Business 


To put it simply, we help medium and large Enterprises save time and money for increased profit.

Our clients use our technology to generate millions in savings from decreased purchase costs and significant reduction of procurement transaction cycle times, by creating stronger relationships with their suppliers and customers.


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"MyBiz proves that Malaysian companies and technology can actually deliver."

Rafidah Aziz - former Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia.